West Wareside Rd

“Alessandro was fantastic in finding us the right home. He is such a hard worker and did his best to find us exactly what we were looking for and was great throughout the entire process. He goes above and beyond for his clients, even staying after hours for us. Not only is his work ethic outstanding, but his friendly and approachable personality makes the housing search much more pleasurable. We will definitely continue to work with him in our future housing needs!!!”

Farid: August 10, 2015


1001 Bay st.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Alessandro. In the beginning, since it was my first time working with him, I had my doubt (as we normally do), but after few meetings later, I was convinced he’s my guy. He understood exactly what I was looking for in terms of my new rental place and instead of up-selling and convincing me I would need something else (that would be more convenient for the agent, which happened to me with the last agent), he took the effort to accommodate my needs. We found a perfect place, and as a bonus, he even negotiated the price down for me! Looking for a guy who you could rely on and who’d bring you results, give Alessandro a chance and you will not be disappointed!”

Satisfied client,


Silver: June 21, 2015

27 lincoln

“Working with Alessandro was a pleasure throughout the entire home-buying process. Today’s super competitive real estate market can lead to a great deal of frustration and disappointment. But Alessandro has a reassuring way of keeping his clients optimistic and focused on what their needs are while doing exactly what it takes to get the job done. In the end, we were able to buy a great home in a great neighborhood and couldn’t be happier. Always eager, professional, and helpful – never once did I doubt that he had our best interests at heart.”

Fraser: September 21, 2015


12 Pagoda Pl, Toronto

“Alessandro found us a great house even with the very specific requirements and tight time frame we had. He was a pleasure to work with and made the time to work with our crazy schedules. He listened to our requests and put in the effort to find only the best houses for us to see. He worked very well under pressure and helped us reduce our stress about finding a house. We love our new home and we are thankful to have had the help of a good realtor.”

Shannen: October 4, 2016


496 Northcliffe Blvd, Toronto

“Very happy to choose this service with Alessandro, a good friend, and a great realtor. When you struggle many months looking for the perfect place to live. He was the perfect person to acquire for this nightmare that is moving out and finding the perfect place.  Thank you for all and wish you the best!”

Andres, Sergio and Jorge: November 4, 2016


150 East Liberty st, Toronto

“Alessandro went above and beyond all of my expectations of a real estate agent. Even though I serendipitously stumbled upon him, he made me feel like I was his first priority from the get-go. Alessandro was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to finding me the perfect spot. In fact, he was able to secure a lease agreement for me within one day of seeing the apartment! He is the most efficient agent and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Maddison: November 7, 2016


40 Scollard st, Toronto

“We are very glad that Alessandro was our buying agent, available at short notice to be able to check and offer in this fast moving, really tense market! He was good at reducing our stresses by being not pushy and being flexible and honest. His ability to quickly understand our needs and willingness to consult other agents and offices to satisfactorily find answers was great in such a young person. It is a pleasure to recommend him to anyone.”

Ponnu: November 26, 2016


51 East Liberty St, Toronto

“I’m a first-time home-buyer, and I’m so grateful to have had Alessandro as my realtor, as he turned what could have been a daunting process into one that was enjoyable and exciting. He brings a number of strengths to the table – he is professional, driven, and truly caring. But what impressed me most about Alessandro is how perceptive he is to the needs of his clients – my father and I were looking for very different things in a condo, and I was amazed at how easily Alessandro was able to find us a condo that fulfilled our respective wish lists. Really no simple feat. It’s too bad he found us the perfect condo so quickly, as I would have enjoyed working with him for just a bit longer! He’s a gem of a realtor (and a person), and I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Philip: November 15, 2016


“Alessandro is very hardworking and professional, he was fast to help us find a home. As newcomers, he showed us several options with our requirements, explained the neighborhoods of Toronto and guided us to what would be a good deal or not, showing a deep knowledge of the real estate in Toronto. He is straightforward by pointing out the pros and cons of each place and made us comfortable to say exactly what we thought about the places, we felt like someone we could trust.  Alessandro was able to secure a very good deal at an outstanding place, making us very happy with our choice.”

Victor & Margarete: December 1, 2016



Thank you for your timely and professional response in arranging a viewing of 1680 Samuelson Circle.  Your advice as you took me through the process and expedited a positive outcome was appreciated.  I had been searching for a home for several months on my own. Once I was your client I had secured the home within a minimum amount of time.  I would highly recommend you to anyone I know who seeks a caring realtor.  In fact, I am certain you will bring an excellent result for my daughter on whose behalf you are currently working. So, thank you, Alessandro.  I am delighted to have worked with a pro.

Sincerely, Stephanie”

Stephanie: January 9, 2017


“We originally connected with Alessandro by responding to an available housing appointment online. He was very quick and diligent to book several apartment viewings. Within the first couple of days with Alessandro as our agent, we were able to submit all the documentation for our dream condo and confirm tenancy the very next day! It was great. He’s also very thoughtful and made sure we received a lovely holiday gift from him.


Martina: January 9, 2017


“Perfect service. My girlfriend and I met Alessandro inquiring about a property that had already been sold and within a week he had found us a better property in our dream area and negotiated with the client for us. Can’t recommend enough!”

Martin & Catherine: February 15, 2017



“Alessandro Galea is an outstanding real estate agent. After months of searching (unsuccessfully) for the ideal tenant for our basement apartment through the “viewit.ca” website…he arrived and provided a prompt, focused, thorough, and reassuring consultation to establish our criteria and restore hope. Within a week, the unit was being shown to several candidates, and by the end of the second week, all paperwork was completed, a lease was signed, and our new tenant was moving in. We are now having our best experience to date as landlords. This was all due to Alessandro’s positive attitude, energetic approach, regular check-ins, effective communication, and very clear knowledge and skill set. Without question, my wife and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of real estate services. He is a delightful young man with a remarkable maturity that is far beyond his years. Perhaps most importantly…his authenticity and level of care for his clients — from beginning to end — is a rare find.”

Kelly & Ana: March 14, 2017



“My experience with Alessandro as a real estate agent in finding and closing a condo for myself and girlfriend was a quick, seamless and stress-free process. He was very punctual and pleasant in his demeanor. He took into consideration my requests in finding a unit with what I wanted and made sure that I was pleased with it before moving forward. He pays strict attention to detail and makes sure that his clients are always happy and comfortable with what is being done. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to lease or buy. He will do great things in this industry if he keeps things up like that.”

Maxie: April 5, 2017


“Alessandro is a living representation of a “Realtor” excellence. I am a young professional in the commencing years of my careers; with one personal rental experience in the past.  My income as a carpenter’s apprentice and gymnastics coach makes budgeting a very important routine. The rental market is fairly foreign, to me. Spring 2017, I found myself in need of a quick rental with ample storage space for tools, vehicle, and equipment as well as simple living features in the property. Laundry, full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, full privacy. Meeting these requirements within the Greater Toronto Area on a low budget is asking for the impossible. However, Alessandro did not perform as such. It was not impossible in his eyes. There was personal urgency, for me,  to this rental situation. This man found my imaginary rental property not once but twice. Our working experience lasted roughly one week together. The first property was lost in a bidding war after two rounds in the late night leasing arena. Within the same week, Alessandro had secured an immediate showing at a property freshly listed. He’d worked into the early morning to ensure our offer was fully prepared and delivered to the appropriate people before any other. The conclusion; we landed the lease and I am now currently settled into a remarkable 2-bed bungalow featuring a large backyard and 2 car garage easily within my budget. [The impossible, in the GTA] His ability to take immediate action made this possible. I could say “luckily, this urgent, renting experience all worked out, but that would simply not be true.

Thank you Alessandro, because of you, I now have this beautiful rental property. Thanks to you a small crisis of life had been fully averted.

*Insert excited backflip*”

Simon: April 26, 2017


“There are no words to describe how well Alessandro takes care of his clients, more like family than anything else. That he goes above and beyond is an understatement to his commitment. He is dedicated, hard-working and is very knowledgeable of the real estate market around. Many times, especially in the GTA area, real estate agents can feel pushy and will often lead clients to make offers higher than necessary. Alessandro works through the whole process with you, helps you with your priorities, and never pushes you to make a decision where you feel forced or out of control. My wife and I have worked with Alessandro twice already and will continue to do in the future. No higher recommendation can be given to such a friendly and loving person.”

Giovanna & Farid: May 8, 2017


“This is a truly exceptional & professional realtor that provides friendly fast reliable service. Even at short notice, Alessandro provided me with elite and outstanding results that allowed me to go through the process of acquiring my first home and an easy and satisfying experience.”

Sheldon: May 11, 2017


“Hey Alessandro,

It was an absolute pleasure working with you to help find Andrew and myself a home. Your commitment to finding a condo for us that fit our needs was exceptional, and you did a great job with getting us viewings at our convenience.

I would highly recommend using your services again if needed, as you were extremely dedicated and efficient.

Thanks again for all of your help, and I wish you the best going forward!”

Joshua: May 22, 2017

“Alessandro did a great job helping us find a Condo Downtown Toronto. I had new options to consider almost every day and he was able to meet us basically any time of day for viewings. He knew exactly what we were looking and was always quick to get offers out.”

Thanks Alessandro.”

Andrew: May 22, 2017


“Thanks to Alessandro I have a place I call home, with all the hard work he has managed to find me a place where I wanted, within a reasonable price range and all within the short amount of time that I gave him. Alessandro definitely makes you feel like your priority even though he probably has a million other things to do, he would always respond to everything within the hour which made things very easy!”

!Thank you Alessandro Galea!”

Jorge May 18, 2017


“Amazing guy! Hard worker! He dedicates his time and commits to ensuring you’re a satisfied customer. Patient and very easy to deal with, you will definitely find what you’re looking for with Alessandro!”

Tarek: June 2, 2017


“We would recommend Alessandro if you require a real estate agent. He was professional and prepared. He maintained regular contact with us and was responsive to all of our questions. Alessandro had a good understanding of the local real estate market and was able to identify properties that met our criteria. We enjoyed working with him and believe Alessandro could assist others with their needs.”

Brian & Brenden: June 11, 2017


“Alessandro, just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for everything.

It seems hard to find much heart in the housing market of Toronto and things felt pretty bleak until I got in touch with you. A hustle I have yet to see matched, and the fact that you’ll do whatever it takes- you put my anxiety at ease and maintained a steady confidence every step of the way. I have to say, if anyone is going to tackle this market, their best bet is doing it with you on their side.

All the best!”

Marie: June 28, 2017



“Alessandro is a GEM of a realtor. He spent countless hours locating the perfect place for me to live. His levels of service, patience, empathy, and persistence landed me my favorite place I’ve ever resided. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alessandro to friends, family, or colleagues if ever they were in the market for a new place to live.

THANK YOU Alessandro for taking such great care of me. I know I’m a handful, but you made this experience customized and seamless.”

Kevin: July 11, 2017


“Hey Alessandro,

Thanks again! It was a pleasure. Alessandro was quick, committed and diligent when assisting me to find an apartment in downtown Toronto. We had a difficult task due to the location and price point but through his hard work and skill we found something perfect.”

Calder: August 12, 2017


“Amazing service!

Definitely one of the best realtors I’ve worked with in recent years. Very patient in dealing with our many specific details and concerns when looking for a home.

Very professional and very good at his job. I will certainly be using Alessandro again!”

Lucas: August 21, 2017


“Alessandro was always available and very attentive. Made it easy to find the right place in Toronto that fit my needs well.”

Zoe, Alison, Alex & Jocelyn: September 6, 2017


“Alessandro was always available and very informative when helping my husband and I finding the right home to fit our needs in Toronto! He was very resourceful and provided us with information about the home we were about to purchase and also about the neighborhood. When it came to negotiating, Alessandro managing to shine with his professional expertise and we got our dream home for 15k under the asking price. My husband and I would highly recommend Alessandro! Thank you Alessandro!!”Susy & Carlo: October 26, 2017



“I was lucky to call Alessandro when I was looking for an agent in Toronto. Exceptional service, fast response, attention to details. Chose a house after the very first visit!”

Anton: November 2, 2017


“Alessandro, we have to thank you for your help! its been so much easier to find a house with you helping and advising us. You did an amazing job and we are so grateful to you!! Make sure if anything comes up we will refer you to colleagues and friends. Plus, when we are ready to buy we will definitely contact you so you can guide as in that process as well. It was so nice working with you, and once again thank you for helping find us our home!! Best regards, and hope to see you soon!”

Maria & Diego: January 3, 2018


“Alessandro was the ultimate professional in assisting us with the purchase of our “forever” home in East Mississauga. Throughout the process, he was always available and quick to respond to all of our questions (via phone, text and/or email). The purchase of our home happened with one of us out of the country on a business trip. In spite of this situation, Alessandro ensured the purchase proceeded as smoothly as if the three of us had been together in person. In addition to the great service, Alessandro also negotiated a reduction in the asking price. Thanks for all of your work”

Virginia & Robert: January 10, 2018



“I would recommend Alessandro to whom is searching for a unit. It was an interesting experience as we came across a lot of units in the past month and he was always readily available to show me according to my schedule. We searched for a long time and I am glad he was able to channel an amazing home for me to live it. Thank you!!”

Vincent: January 16, 2018


“The Real Estate Market is crazy in Toronto. Now even Canadians are shocked based on my experience with how it is hard to secure homes. First I thought that 90% of a result depends on my difficulty of choice. But I after I’ve lost first apartments because of the competitive offer (and then 2nd…) I understood: my influence on success is something like 30% and the rest depends on an owner. This process is really hard if you don’t have good professional supporting you. In my case, it was Alessandro Galea. We were fighting shoulder to shoulder, were preparing documents together till 1-2am. He was not waiting for options to view from my side, he sent them to me and tried to take into account all my (and my family) needs. We lost 2 “battles” but won the whole “war” from the 3rd attempt. Thank you Alessandro very much! You’re the right partner in Toronto Real Estate battles. Take care, see you again :)”

Maksym: March 5, 2018


“Hi Alessandro – Thank You Very Much for all of your work selling the townhouse: from the market assessment to the staging to the final sale! Although the house was relatively new and in good condition, the time you spent and attention to detail in the staging made the house look fantastic and showed all of its potentials. Thanks again! Virginia & Robert :-)”

Virginia & Robert: March 15, 2018


“Alessandro was a tremendous help to my parents when they were looking for their home. They had very specific requirements and he assisted them with patience, kindness, and an exceptional level of service. Alessandro was able to find my parents an amazing home, within a tight deadline, and I would recommend his services to my family and friends.”

Amanda: April 21, 2018


“We decided to use Alessandro as our realtor to purchase a home as an investment for our future. We were beyond pleased by his service and commitment to finding us the best property to fit our criteria and provide the best return on our investment. Throughout our search, we were impressed at how promptly and efficiently he got back to us with potential properties and information regarding the pros and cons of each. By the time we found the right home, we felt as we had learned so much through his expertise and were especially confident that our investment would provide for us for years to come. Thank you Alessandro!”

Maria & Enrico: April 29, 2018


“Alessandro was professional and extremely patient when helping me find my very first home. Sometimes, finding the perfect home can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, however, his knowledge and guidance put me at ease during the entire process. Alessandro took the time to learn exactly what I was looking for in a property and went above and beyond to ensure all measures. Very impressed with his willingness to get the job done”

Peter: June 16, 2018



“Alessandro is very professional and takes his work seriously. He has gone out of his way a number of times to get me the top dollar for my property. Highly recommended! I will be using him for all my real estate needs in the future when I need to sell again.”

Nicholas: July 7, 2018


“Alessandro works endlessly for his clients to make sure they get what they’re asking for. I used him to purchase and rent out an investment property and he only found us the perfect one, but got it rented in 2 weeks above the market value, very impressed!”

Enrico & Maria: July 18, 2018


Image result for 333 the esplanade toronto

“Alessandro was excellent to work with. We were trying to find our first condo in the most competitive price point in Toronto, and he definitely helped us navigate this crazy condo market. His expertise and guidance were invaluable and it all would have been a million times more difficult without him there. We highly recommend working with him – he knows his stuff, he’s very communicative and he works hard. Thanks so much for everything, Alessandro!”

John & Jane: September 14, 2018



“We are very much pleased with Alex. Very efficient and went to great lengths to find us exactly what we wanted!! Very happy with his services. He’s our go-to once again.”

Donald & Marie: September 24, 2018


“We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Alessandro. We were first-time renters with very little knowledge about Toronto and how to find the right place. He is honest and he really helped us in our search by sending listings and making appointments ASAP. We would, and will, recommend Alessandro to anyone in the market to purchase, sell, or rent a home/condo. We will also look to Alessandro when we have any future real estate needs. We were impressed with his professionalism and his genuine interest in assuring we were satisfied with our final decision on our new place.”

Yasin & Yamili: September 29, 2018


Image result for blueridge sq brampton

“Moving into the GTA from a smaller east coast province is not a comforting task, and having the right real estate agent is very important in making that transition as stress-free as possible. Thankfully I found Alessandro early in my searches and once he was aware of my requirements in a home and budget, he went to work. Receiving daily listing updates and calls to keep me in the loop, he found the perfect home in my requested location even slightly under budget. I’ve already recommended him to my friends and family for their future needs and will continue do so!”

Joseph: October 5, 2018


“We did not realize how difficult it was to rent a condo in downtown Toronto. Alessandro made it extremely easy for us in that extremely competitive atmosphere. As soon as we told him our preferences, he got to work immediately finding us many places that perfectly matched our requirements. We had so many questions about Toronto rentals having recently moved to the area and he was very helpful and patient. We have already recommended Alessandro to our friends! And we look forward to teaming up with him in the future!” 

Tanvi & Amit: October 19, 2018


“Alessandro was a great help in selling my place. His confidence made me believe that my condo will sell in no time for the price that I wanted and that’s exactly what happened. He took care of absolutely everything from staging, to paperwork and going back and forth with my lawyer. He was always available to answer calls at any time. He made this as hassle-free as possible for me. I will definitely use him again on future ventures.”

Daniel: November 3, 2018


“Alessandro worked really hard to find us our perfect home! So helpful and knowledgeable. We were very lucky to find a great place, with everything we wanted so quickly! Glad we put our trust in him.”

Juliano & Philip: November 18, 2018



“Quick and efficient. I was in my place within 1 day with Alessandro’s help. Great negotiating skills, he got me a reduced rate, with great follow-ups after to make sure I was well taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend”

Nilou: December 2, 2018



“Alessandro was a great broker who was able to secure the property I was trying to obtain in a very short time. He was diligent and committed and it was greatly appreciated! Thank you!”

Grace: February 9, 2019


“We quickly needed to find a property from out-of-province and contacted Alessandro purely out of luck. From the very beginning, we felt he was dedicated to our case, that he was always looking out for us, and understood our needs. He also provided valuable insight about the market that helped shape our decision-making. His hard work and dedication got us into our dream property, and his friendly demeanor kept the process at a minimum stress level. We highly recommend him!”

Andrea & Derek: July 13, 2019


“Alessandro was a great broker. He was very helpful. He was mindful that I was a new immigrant and always showed us properties which were within our budget. He is diligent and committed and takes care of his clients very well. Thank you!”

Santosh: August 16, 2019


“We spent the better part of 3 years looking for our perfect home and we finally found it. Alessandro was very patient with us knowing this would be a lengthy process. He made us feel comfortable and gave us the knowledge to know what to look for. He was also very accommodating, making sure whatever our request was, he made the time to be there. My husband and I want to thank you for everything over the past 3 years. Drinks on you to celebrate! ”

Alisha & Leonel: November 19, 2019


“1) You understood what information would be required by the property owners and supported our efforts to provide what was needed. 2) You listened when we expressed our needs re: location, space, security, pets and outdoor access. 3) You were easy to get hold of, by phone or e-mail/text message, even though several of us were 2,400 miles away. 4) You showed as many possible apartments as we wished to see, driving us to each without complaint or stress. 5) You stayed in there, learning about the leasing agents’ requirements and preferences, until you closed a deal that was good for us, a spacious apartment at the rent we could afford and in an excellent location.”

Susan: December 14, 2019


“Alessandro was instrumental in helping my housemate and I find a place to rent. He worked hard to ensure that we were able to get the place we wanted even though there was a competing offer. I would (and have) recommended him to others looking for a place that meets their specific needs.”

Jazmine & Tristan: January 21, 2020


“Alessandro is very professional and takes his time to explain everything in good detail that you need to know. I highly recommend him if you are looking to buy a home. (5 stars)”

Chris: February 3, 2020


“Alessandro was both our buying agent and selling agent; During buying he was available at short notice to check and offer in this fast moving tense market! He was good at reducing our stresses by being not pushy, flexible and honest. His quickly understood our needs and consulted other agents to satisfactorily find answers. It is a pleasure to recommend him to anyone. As a selling agent Alessandro did a great job in both staging and coming up with a price that could sell, even quickly. He had an artistic eye to set up reconfiguration, staging selection and transformation which greatly helped. He was good at handling of our tenants and considering their comfort while getting it ready and during showings; we don’t live in Toronto and he was great at communication over long distance and time differences, and was great at marketing and setting up open house during beautiful sunny days to locate the buyer and the ultimate success in selling at a great price!”

Ponnu & Tiuley: March 2, 2020


“Alessandro was able to show us the homes that caught our eye in a timely manner.
We were able to view the home we ended up purchasing within hours of it being posted on MLS, and put in an offer the same day. After negotiating on our behalf, we were able to buy our first home below asking price thanks to Alessandro’s efforts and dedication. Would recommend and use him for future investment opportunities thanks to Alessandro’s expertise and his key role we could rely on. Would recommend and use him for future investment opportunities as he is a *star* in what he does that’s for sure! Thanks for being great at what you do Alessandro!!”

Adriana: March 17, 2020


“It was a real pleasure to work with Alessandro on the home rental search. From his timely responses to every question or concern I had, to his always positive attitude during this tough time now. It was obvious that Alessandro was willing to put in the time and effort to ensure I had a successful outcome. The communication was great and consistent. As a result, I have landed a prized property in a prized location without paying top price for rent. I will work with him again in the future.”

Valeriia: April 14, 2020


Alessandro did a great job helping us find a Condo Downtown Toronto. I had new options to consider almost every day and he was flexible to meet us basically any time of day for viewings. He knew exactly what we were looking for and was always quick to get offers out when required. Thanks Alessandro for all the expertise.”

Andre: April 23, 2020


“We quickly needed to find a property from out-of-province and contacted Alessandro purely out of luck. From the very beginning, we felt he was dedicated to our search, that he was always looking out for us, and understood our needs. He also provided valuable insight about the market that helped shape our decision-making. His hard work and dedication got us into our dream property, and his friendly demeanor kept the process at a minimum stress level. We highly recommend him!”

Elizabeth & Alastair: June 7, 2020


“I can’t say enough about the professional service that Alessandro provided during our house hunt. Faced with a tight timeline and all of the additional complications that come along being an international student Alessandro was right there to help make this a smooth transition. Extremely dedicated to the needs of his clients, it was obvious from our first call that Alessandro was willing to put in the time and effort to ensure we had a successful outcome. Thank you so much for all your efforts.”

Edelin: June 26, 2020


“Alessandro is a hardworking, determined Realtor. He gets the job DONE! I’ve had the pleasure working with Alessandro and I definitely look forward to working with him again.”

Channy: July 11, 2020


“We made 8 offers, on properties, during COVID. This gives you an idea to the level of hard work that Alessandro strives for. He showed us an enormous amount of homes, and always spoke with our best interest in mind. Most impressive of all, was that he would speak honestly if a home was over or under valued, brought me in line when we were being unrealistic and NEVER gave up even after our own setbacks. We are a family of 5 who had a very short timeline to find a new home and could not have done it alone.”


Matthieu & Sarah: July 19, 2020


“I’ve known Alessandro for years, & he has always been a great friend & one of the hardest working people I know. His knowledge of real estate & investing guided me when purchasing my first home in 2015. He gave me clear and easy to understand advice on how the process works, and guided me through the difficult questions (Mortgage, taxes, finding renters, etc). This month I close a deal on an investment property that was purchased $40,000 UNDER ASKING PRICE with the work of Alessandro. Thank you buddy!”

Nicholas: August 31, 2020


“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Alessandro on a listing that we recently sold. His skills in navigating multiple offers were impressive. There were 11 offers on this particular listing and Alessandro was successful in securing the property for his clients by a very small margin. This is a skill that is very difficult to master. Congratulations on Alessandro and his clients. Great work!”

Matthew: September 9, 2020



“Alessandro is a super cool and genuine guy! He was very receptive when I told him what I was looking for in a new home, and completely transparent and honest throughout the whole process. My first time using a Realtor, and I have no regrets having worked with Alessandro. This was really an enjoyable experience” 

Sedina: September 30, 2020


“Great personality to work with, he goes out of his way to make my needs a reality and us show us meaningful units. Time is never wasted when you are working with Alessandro because he takes the time to understand your core needs. Highly recommended.”

Jalma & Arthi: August 16, 2021


“Alessandro was the most helpful guy ever! I had gone to a lot of brokers and to be really honest, he was the only one I thought was genuine and was able to understand what I wanted in the budget that I had. I 100% recommended his services! He is absolutely quick to reply and offers the best service that I personally have received.”

Seth: October 21, 2021


“Alessandro is a fantastic Realtor and a pleasure to work with. His professionalism, communication and negotiation skills are truly commendable. Throughout our purchasing process, Alessandro was always available to answer our questions and took the time to understand our needs. On top of that, Alessandro went above and beyond and helped us source efficient contractors. Overall, Alessandro is amazing and we will definitely be hiring him for our next purchase as well.”

Priya & Jay: November 13, 2021


“There are already lots of great reviews posted here. So, let me quickly distill for you Alessandro’s exceptional strengths:

– Great salesperson and negotiator with strong personal and communication skills

– Incredibly useful resource for renovation, construction and design — he has done so much on his own properties that he is very knowledgeable

– Tenant screening and vetting is top tier

– Hardworking almost to a fault

– Strong “Realtor” skills i.e. very knowledgeable about the market, pricing, comparables, and processes (Yes, you would expect that from a realtor, but in my experience it’s not always the case)

Alessandro successfully helped me find tenants during the most challenging months of the pandemic for landlords. In their first 6 weeks here they seem to be the best tenants I have ever had. He also provided invaluable advice and guidance while I was renovating my rental unit, from style and colours to construction and materials.

He has a calm and reassuring manner that put me (and my prospective tenants) at ease. Watching him work is a clinic in people skills and communication.

I cannot recommend Alessandro in any stronger terms. If anyone asked me for a realtor to help them find a tenant, I would tell them to look no further and know that everything will be taken care of in an organized, clean, professional manner.”

Andrew: May 5, 2021


Alessandro is an excellent agent; he will always be the person I recommend. Very professional, timely, ambitious and always friendly. I love how responsive he is. I’ve used his services twice now!

Andrea: July 13, 2021


“It was a real pleasure to work with Alessandro. His professional service ensured the successful rental of our house. We appreciated his attention to detail in preparing the listing, his rigorous review of offers, and his excellent communication skills through the process. We also valued the fact that while offering outstanding professional support he was also personable and good-humored. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind realtor!”

Ana & Eduardo: July 24, 2021


“Alessandro was an absolute pleasure to work with! He is kind and personable and ensured the transaction ran smoothly with no stress. You can tell that truly cares about his clients and is very good at what he does. Highly recommend working with him!”

Joshua: August 6, 2021



“I worked with Alessandro to rent my basement apartment and am fully satisfied. Alessandro provided tips to make the unit more presentable and answered my questions on an ongoing basis. Alessandro worked with my wish list of tenant characteristics, navigated a difficult market during the pandemic, and landed a prized tenant. Alessandro resolved a last-minute challenge that could have derailed this deal. Overall, I have peace of mind with this rental and I did not have to compromise on income.”

Colin: October 15, 2021


“Alessandro is very professional and great to work with. I would highly recommend him as your Realtor.”

Peter: March 31, 2022


“Alessandro was an incredibly helpful Real Estate agent! My roommate and I found ourselves having to move out of our last place in a rush due to unforeseen circumstances, and Alex came in to help! He was quickly able to find us multiple options that fit what we were looking for and was very helpful as we navigated paperwork and other documents. A very knowledgeable real estate agent who wants to help his clients!”

Armin: May 19, 2022


“My partner and I were looking for a very specific rental property for our young family. Alessandro helped us find the right place after a very long search and stayed positive the whole time! He patiently took us to countless units over a multi-month period and helped us prep and negotiate our final offer. He was very easy to communicate with and quick to respond at all times. Thank you Alessandro!”

Lucas & Shivani: June 8, 2022


“With Alessandro, we found our dream first house in just 3 days! Working with realtor like Alessandro was an amazing experience since he does all the hard work for you. Alessandro is a fast-paced realtor who understands your requirement & tailor the house listings accordingly. He is systematic in his approach and is thoroughly knowledgeable in real estate world. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Alessandro to anyone who is looking for their first house in GTA area.”

Shantanu & Neha: October 4, 2022


“I don’t use the term ‘honorable’ very often, but for me, Alessandro epitomizes that word. I live in BC, and travel extensively, so I depended 100% upon Alessandro and his dream team to sell my Etobicoke condo. He coordinated the clearance, renovation, cleaning, & staging while I traveled for work. I had multiple offers within 2 weeks of listing after 1 month of his preparation process! None of the past agents I’ve worked with have made such efforts, & I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Sylvie: November 30, 2022


“Alessandro is my secret weapon. Someone I can turn to who will be relentless in the pursuit my joint Real Estate goals. I’ve known Alessandro for years and can tell you he approaches challenges with determination and grit not seen out there. While I am happy that he’s successful, I worry about him becoming SO successful that he won’t have time to help me with my and future real estate objectives. I have availed myself of his services twice with top results. He listens and gets it done properly.”

Giovanni: December 2, 2022


“I’ve browsed through some of the comments here, and as you can see Alessandro truly is a pro at this. He is punctual (when I am not), he is detailed (which I am not), and thorough. I’d recommend Alessandro to anyone who is interested in selling or buying a home.”

Kento: December 5, 2022


“I engaged Alessandro to rent out my home. I had very specific requests and the time was taken by him to find the right people. I am extremely pleased with the tenants that he found for me. Highly recommend him for his diligence and thoroughness. Thanks again Alessandro.”

Gord: December 8, 2022


“I normally don’t write reviews, but I was very pleased with the way everything was handled. I first rented my condo with Alessandro, and I was very pleased with how smooth the process was. Later on I bought the condo through Alessandro and that also went very smooth. He is always available when you call and gets things done quickly. He fought to get me the best price.”

Mary: December 13, 2022


“I had the pleasure to meet Alessandro and he was super helpful, kind and always had me updated on the place I wanted to move in. He made the process very easy and made sure I understood everything. Thank you so much for everything we could’ve have done it without you!!”

Luna: December 16, 2022


“If I could give Alessandro more than 5 stars I would.  I have bought and sold numerous properties across Canada over the past 20 years and Alessandro’s level of service and thoughtfulness is the top I’ve encountered. From the marketing & pricing strategy, renovation, & staging to result in multiple offers (without conditions), and then his commitment in helping to remove residual content to facilitate a stress-free sale, all while graciously giving to fellow refugees! Oh yes, and all this while I’m living on the other side of Canada! Talk about full service….”

Sylvia: January 12, 2023


“Alessandro is an absolute Legend. He helped me find and buy my first property in Toronto. We all know how hard and stressful this can be in this time and economic climate, but he made it feel so easy. He goes way above and beyond what you would expect from a realtor. You truly feel the care and generosity. You completely forget he has other clients. I just don’t know how he does it. He is the only realtor I will work with moving forward.”

Mohammed: January 21, 2023


“I had the pleasure of working with Alessandro on a listing I had recently. He was a true professional and was able to balance his clients’ best interests while at the same working with me as the agent on the other end. As a realtor with 17 years of experience, you embrace those deals where everyone is a winner, and these transactions are successful due in part to the agents involved. I look forward to working with Alessandro in the future.”

Donald: February 9, 2023


“Alessandro got the job done on a very competitive property for sale. He took the time to make his offer stand out from the crowd, was readily available to answer questions and ensured his clients interests were taken care of during the process. Looking forward to working with him again.”

William: May 9, 2023


“Alessandro has been an outstanding realtor for us as we searched for our home in Toronto. As newcomers to the city, Alessandro guided us, was attentive and patient throughout the entire process. He has a genuine passion to help folks find homes and this energy shows in the attentive nature of his interactions with us. From our first point of contact till we received our keys, Alessandro made sure to constantly check-in and go above and beyond what would be expected from a realtor!”

Anish: September 22, 2023


“Working with Alessandro was a delight. He truly understood our needs & ensured that we found a home that met our requirements. His knowledge of the market was impressive! He was patient & effortlessly resolving some challenges we faced with listing agents, including delayed responses & frustrating back-and-forth communication. He handled this with professionalism & persistence, ensuring that our interests were protected. Would highly recommend Alessandro for a positive & successful home search!”


Kruti: September 29, 2023


“Alessandro’s exceptional professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail, especially during the Thanksgiving weekend, were crucial in securing our dream home. His negotiation and communication skills were outstanding, making the process stress-free. His caring nature and unwavering work ethic set him apart. Highly recommend for a confident and smooth real estate experience. Thanks, Alessandro!”

Pranav: October 9, 2023


“Alessandro, recommended by friends, is a friendly, empathetic, detail-oriented realtor. He’s dedicated, empathetic, and patient, helping us understand all aspects. He’s incredibly hardworking and on top of things. We’re fortunate to have met him, and he’s a selfless, caring, and focused realtor and friend. Call him today! 😁”

Sneha: October 24, 2023


“Alessandro is a patient agent with my goals in mind and they were achieved. I enjoyed working with him and always felt like he had my back throughout this ever- changing market. He is quick, skilled and very easy to get a hold of. “

Julija: October 30, 2023


“Working with Alessandro was a positive experience from start to finish. He exhibited a deep understanding of the local real estate market and took the time to understand our specific needs and preferences. His attentive and clear communication kept us well-informed at every step of the process, which was reassuring and reduced any potential stress. Alessandro also displayed a keen eye for detail, ensuring that no aspect was overlooked, from the initial property search to the closing.”


Aarti: November 2, 2023


“I chose Alex to represent me because of his attention to detail, diligence and overall dedication to me as a client. The entire process (from meeting to signing final paperwork) took just 7 days during which Alex communicated all updates and offers. He completed extensive background research on every applicant and walked me through the process of picking out the tenant that best fit the criteria that was most important to me. I will definitely retain Alex for all my future property needs.”

Anya: November 11, 2023


“I met Alessandro six years ago when he helped me look for accommodation for my son whilst at university. I was struck back then by how knowledgeable, thorough, logical and honorable he was. I don’t use the term ‘honorable’ very often, but for me, Alessandro epitomizes that word. Very recently I followed up with Alessandro to sell my Etobicoke property. I now live in BC, and travel extensively, so I depended 100% upon Alessandro and his dream team (Tony and more). Alessandro was more than my Real Estate Agent; he coordinated the clearance, renovation, cleaning, and staging of the property while I traveled for work. It should also be noted that in clearing the condo, he took the time to carefully donate items personally. As my trusted advisor, he kept me updated, and was very logical in guiding me to a list price.

When it came to listing the property, he positioned it perfectly, such that feedback from viewings was very positive, even though the property has an unusual layout that’s hard to see past. I had an offer within a week of listing after 1 month of his preparation process, which fell through, but within 24 hours, because Alessandro diligently followed up with all other agents and their potential buyers, we received 2 competing offers and a price which surpassed my expectations!! I have worked with numerous agents across Canada, and Alessandro stands out head and shoulders above the rest since he went the extra mile for me. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, and totally recommend him as someone to completely trust in giving his best in helping anyone buying or selling a home.”

Sylvia: November 16, 2023


“This is the first time I had the pleasure of working with Alessandro. We are both realtors and we were both representing our clients. Alessandro was very professional, prompt, ethical and fair in the negotiations and it was very evident that he cared very much for his clients. Excellent experience finalizing the deal and I look forward to work with him in the future.”

Romi: January 12, 2024


“Selling a home in Toronto is a serious matter that requires professional expertise and hard work. We were fully aware that the help of a professional real estate agent is a decisive condition to sell a home in Toronto. Alessandro Galea is second to no one on Toronto real estate market in our opinion. His service is impeccable in all respects: planning, execution, communication, and customer care. It all started with a greeting and introduction at our door, but we were not ready to sell at that point. He had made it a point to always say hello and keep in touch. When the time had come that we had decided to sell we couldn’t find him anywhere, not to his doing. We didn’t want anyone else to take our family home of 50 years and sell it. It was fate, Alessandro called to say hello and we met with him right away to discuss. We didn’t want anyone else. His demeaner and presence was welcoming and showed he truly had our best interest at heart. Alessandro is smart, knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. He was present in each stage of the process and always answered our questions, even if it sounded frivolous. His communication is impeccable! He held our hand when necessary and worked for us, like we were his only client. More than everything, his performance far surpassed our expectations: From the beginning right to the end, from little home projects and details to be finished, he sold our home and negotiated the best possible price on our behalf. Based on our experience working with Alessandro, he fully deserves the highest rating for excellence in real estate. We have found our lifelong agent and now someone we consider a friend. Highly recommend him to anyone who needs that personal touch.”

Ana: January 23, 2024


“He represented his Seller clients with tenacity and kept their best interests in mind. He was a tough negotiator and a true professional.

Congrats Alessandro.”

Gillian: February 26, 2024


“Alessandro was professional helpful and attentive to our needs. Even though we were just looking to rent he spent a lot of time with us making the experience of finding a new place as easy as possible. We really benefit from his services and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”


Mark & Satoko: March 14, 2024


“Just wanted to take some time out to write a review for Alessandro! He was prompt, reliable, and determined. We managed to get the house we had set out for easily at a cost we are happy with. He was great at handling/ debating the sellers requests and lawyer and managed any of the other details/ issues that popped up before closing.

Grateful to have you as our realtor and friend and thanks for your service, Alessandro :)”

Ushna and Adam: March 26, 2024