About Alessandro

Alessandro is a highly motivated and highly energetic individual who exercises a great passion in the real estate world. A self-motivated, effective team player and problem solver with a comprehensive knowledge of promotion and marketing peoperties. An excellent researcher and effective communicator (written and verbal) with strong analytical skills. Possesses an ability to interact with clients and perform under pressure. Exhibits a positive and collaborative attitude, whether dealing with customers, co-workers or management. His background knowledge comes from receiving an advanced diploma from the business school at Humber college, along with extensive experience in the sales field. He has constructed a business plan and to strive to create business ventures that to shape the future in the world of Real Estate. Main goal is to handle and transfer some of the largest investments life has to offer. He keeps up to date in the real estate world by following blogs and online research of marketing trends within the industry. He Strives to find each individual client their ideal dream home. Loves and appreciates all referrals.

Strong points:
– Create strong personal relationships and create a positive personal image by being courteous and caring to every individual.
– Adapt in any situation in which he is needed. If he is required to fill a specific role, his quick learning skills and passion allow him to succeed and accomplish the task required in an efficient manner.
– Act in the client’s best interests and provide them with informed decisions based on leading industry statistics.
– Differentiate a client’s needs from wants and guide them into a positive buying or selling decision.